This site has now taken a dive into AI, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in this case. AI Assistants are everywhere now, and proliferating. In search(ish) there is Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard); in Microsoft there’s Copilot which utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT. And, of course there ChatGPT itself, with the open source version available to anyone who has the time and money to obtain data, pre-train, and implement their own GAI system — typically for a more specific application like internal customer service.

There is a new heading on ( that addresses Delphi + AI, or Scenario + AI…

This modification of the site into AI was initiated by the new edition of the RefractiveThinker on Artificial Intelligence due out in mid-2024. In this 25th edition, Hall and Lentz in their article have taken a novel approach to publication by letting ChatGPT and Gemini write some of the article, especially the appendixes and some extensive topics (like Delphi in homelessness) that will be published here. For example, Appendix A of the article coaxed ChatGPT 4.0 to create and entire book outline that paralleled the article being written. Each chapter was then expanded to include and extended outline with reliable sources and, where relevant, links to Wikipedia articles. In this way the book outline combines the genius of AI with the genius of crowds from Wikipedia (Hall, 2013).

Readers of the article and readers of AI topics here will be able to dynamically recreate the Delphi+AI book using their own GAI and linking through to active Wikipedia articles which are continually updated. That is, in a year or two, someone might use a new version of a GIA — let’s say ChatGPT 5.5 — to recreate the book outline with the following prompt:

Q: Create a book outline on the combination of human and artificial intelligence to summarize available information on a topic or business market areas and to forecast the future. … include Delphi Method research (Real-Time Delphi) and scenario planning … also include a section on crowdsourcing using Wikipedia

Check out Appendix A by Hall & Lentz for all the prompts used. Then the user might recreate an extended version of each chapter with links to reliable sources and also to mature Wikipedia pages:

Q: Using outline, please please create and extended outline for chapter 1 that provides links to reliable sources and also links to Wikipedia pages where appropriate.

In this way, the reader can recreate an extended outline for each chapter, or an article dynamically with a GAI that utilizes the latest available data/training and provide links to the most up-to-date general overview information on Wikipedia. Human plus Artificial Intelligence (H+AI).

Expect this to be the future of learning and of training. Create the content you need, as you need it, when you need it based on the best available H+AI.

Q: Create a book cover based on this outline, please.

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