These are the GenAI prompts used to gather information about intellectual property (IP) and the world of artificial intelligence (AI), i.e., IP+AI.  This is part of our Regenerative AI project; recreate as needed, when needed, with the GenAI engines available to you at that time. Select results from various Generative AI engines (ChatGPT 4.0, Gemini, Claude, Copilot).  Look at writing and analysis of Human + Artificial Intelligence by Hall and (Hall & Lentz, 2024) over at (alias to 

You the reader/user can recreate the prompts as needed, when needed, with the GenAI engines available to you at that time. Note that a couple prompts are included with multiple GenAI engines for comparison.

  • Q: Who owns the copyright when something is co-created by human + AI? When something is almost completely AI created? When something is totally AI created?
  • Q: What about patents and inventions? Who is the inventor when something is co-invented by human + AI, when something is almost completely AI, when something is totally AI invented?
  • Q: . . . and what about ownership of the intellectual property?
  • Q: How does AI impact infringement?
  • Q: Are trademarks in jeopardy from AI? What steps should be taken to protect TMs?
  • Q: Write an article on intellectual property in the age of AI, include all the topics in the chat as well as any others that are important. Give one or more reliable sources for each section including links Wikipedia articles where appropriate (formatted APA style and a reference page).
  • Q: Generate a graphic of intellectual property and GenAI featuring at least three instances each of registered trademark (R), copyright (C), and Trademark (TM).

The graphic image was created using the last prompt by Hall (2024, May) and produced using DALL-E.

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