Here is a great Delphi dissertation from Dr. Tracy Celaya in 2015 entitled: CLOUD-BASED COMPUTING AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE:  A DELPHI STUDY

The dissertation looked at the adoption of cloud-based computing in the IT functions of HR. Specifically it addressed the adoption of cloud technologies. Very cool research related to the adoption of IT in HR and the management of the whole move of HR into the next generation of technologies.

Want to know best HRM practices? Want to know why HR is so slow to adapt to cloud technologies? This dissertation is for you. Look for articles on this topic coming out soon from the new Dr. Celaya. !:-)

Here is the abstract:

The purpose of this qualitative study with a modified Delphi research design was to understand the reasons human resource (HR) leaders are slow to implement Cloud-based technologies and potentially identify how Cloud-Based Computing influences human resource management (HRM) and HR effectiveness, and potentially the overall performance of the organization.  Business executives and HR leaders acknowledge the effect of technology on business processes and strategies, and the leader’s influence on technology implementation and adoption.  Cloud-Based Computing is fast becoming the standard for conducting HR processes and HR leaders must be prepared to implement the change effectively.  Study findings revealed characteristics demonstrated by HR leaders successfully implementing cloud technology, best practices for successful implementation, factors championing and challenging Cloud-Based Computing adoption, and perceived effects on HRM and organizational performance as a result of using Cloud-Based Computing.  The outcomes of this study may provide the foundation of a model for implementing Cloud-Based Computing, a leadership model including characteristics of technology early adopters in HR, and identify factors impeding adoption and may assist HR leaders in creating effective change management strategies for adopting and implementing Cloud-Based Computing.  Findings and recommendation from this study will enable HR professionals and leaders to make informed decision on the adoption of Cloud-Based Computing and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and strategic capability of HR.