This is a planning and research oriented site/blog. The focus is on Research and Planning, especially those long-term planning approaches that are ideal for horizon planning and long-term economic development. Please join the Strategic Business Planning Company (SBP) with this forum for shared knowledge. This site is not about the support company, it is about doing scenario planning and Delphi Method research, but here is information SBP.

The Strategic Business Planning Co. specializes in improving the planning processes. Frequently, the plans that every business needs(tm) should best be done with planning teams and an outside facilitator. SBP facilitates such workshops and assists with completing targeted plans. SWOT and Delphi planning can be very effect tools. Delphi Method team planning techniques can be used well, especially at early stages of the scenario planning process. Delphi helps to minimize some of the weaknesses of team planning such as group think.

Strategic Business Planning Co

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